Rick Reviglio - President & General Manager

Rick Reviglio, President and General Manager of Western Nevada Supply, stands as the guardian of a remarkable family legacy. Western Nevada Supply.

Born in 1966 to Jack and Rosalie Reviglio, Rick was raised in Northern Nevada where he grew up immersed in the family business. His upbringing shaped him into a passionate Nevadan and patriotic American, and to this day, he strongly believes that everyone has a duty to serve; our families, our communities, and our God. It is this intense passion to serve that makes up his character and pushes him to lead others.

During the summers of high school and college, Rick worked at Western Nevada Supply, but after graduating from Saint Mary’s College in 1988 with a degree in finance, he went to work for Grinnell, a plumbing manufacturing firm in Northern California, where he started as an inside salesman writing orders. He was quickly promoted to Sales Manager for all fire protection sales while doubling sales multiple times over the years. After four and a half years at Grinnell, Rick came back to the family business. In 1993, Rick proposed the implementation of a computer system, a move that revolutionized the company’s operations and establish Western Nevada Supply as a technologically advanced distributor in the industry. This action allowed them to grow substantially and expand from two to eight branches throughout Northern Nevada and California in less than a decade.

While they maintained their core business, Plumbing & Water Works, they grew HVAC and expanded into Landscape products, Hydronics, Industrial, Mining, and added multiple Kitchen and Bath Showrooms growing sales exponentially.

Rick attributes his success at Western Nevada Supply to his team of loyal employees that he lovingly calls the “Blue Team”. He says, “We have assembled the greatest team in the wholesale industry. Our employees are family, and we strive to provide unparalleled customer service.”  The Reviglio’s have always been strong believers in giving back to the communities they serve and Rick is no exception. He has received numerous awards for his involvement in the Northern Nevada community some of which are the S.I.R. (Skill, Integrity, Responsibility) Award, the Jake Lawlor Award, the Service to Mankind Award, and he has been inducted into the Bishop Manogue High School & Junior Achievement Hall of Fame. He also contributes to various local organizations such as the local High Schools, the University of Nevada, the local churches and the Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows, as well as most all organizations that enhance our community. Faith, Family, Friends, health & fitness, sports, travel, work and Community are very important to Rick, and he brings his passion for these into everything he does every day.

Having Italian roots Rick always makes time for everyone, and loves nothing more than spending time with his family which consists of his beautiful wife Kathie and his children Angelo, Matteo, Gino, MJ, and Lexi.  

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